The slender Economic Plaform of Vietnam

Although Vietnam has the various advantages from geopolitical, dynamic young population (approximately  90 million people) to favor environmental conditions but Vietnam never ever takes advantage of, its elements can’t be effectively operated while the poverty, backward are holding Vietnam to be undeveloped country. Why these crisis has been existed ? and that always is difficult question to resolve.

To resolve and find out solutions the above problems, we should consider all  following factors :

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Government is the pivotal breakthrough, the facts that the regulations are not sustainable and the lifetime of law(regulations) is short sometime its provision  was promulgated and immediately revised after one year or more, in some cases just a few month had been suspended, it can’t be implemented in practice such as The Bankruptcy Law has never ever been reported that applying implementation because of lacking legal experience from legislation agencies and not practical. Otherwise, the state-own enterprises receives range of  assistant from government endless capital of taxpayers.   

Lacking of capital, the major reason in private business sectors, the private enterprises have to face the burdening fiduciary with high interest rates, the small-medium size enterprises compete fiercely with giant foreign companies.

Uneducated workforces and almost segment of workforces are focusing the agricultural sectors and popular workers. The training and high skilled workers don’t reach the demand and requirements of employers so that it takes a lot of time and sources when enterprises must train staffs more.

And so on………

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